ivedumped him...have i done rite???

December 14, 2006 9:59am CST
once wen i went 2 meet my boyfriend he got 15 min. late 4rm d usual meeting time he told me n hes always been punctual b4 dat never late even 5 min. early but dat he called me up n told me heel be late hes cot in d traffic i facedsum stupid n hurting comments 4rm d roadside romeos wen they saw me standing there n waitin 4sum1 dat thng really annoyed me n wen i met him i not being 2 harsh just reacted a bit i know i was wrong i tuk out dat frustation onh im but wen i realized it i said sory inspite of dat he rected so rudely n aggressively 2 me he said i dun wana spend time wid a gal who says she luvs me but cant even have dis much patience n he dropped me said me 2 go bak since then i havent caled or takd 2 him n not even he ive ended it 4rm my side coiz i was thnkin of a long term relationship wid sum1 who can leave me alone halfwaty in a meeting wats d gaurantee he wont leave me alone in life????was it genuine of him 2 react like dat???he did rite???wat do u think???
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