Would you consider Comics to be listed as literature?

@faelady (161)
December 14, 2006 1:09pm CST
Sandman (the comic series) was awarded a Best Literature award soon after the series was released. This particular award's regulations have been since changed to exclude comics. Do you agree with this ruling? Why or why not?
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@ndraj_2006 (1422)
• India
14 Dec 06
I recommend comics to add in the Literature. Comics is a very important literature for young childrens. It is also read by the adults for fun. It gives Lot of fun & entertainment for the Young. It is also a hard task to make a book reading Intresting.
@faelady (161)
• Canada
14 Dec 06
Ok, to continue on that thought pattern now, would you include Manga in the same category?
• United States
12 Dec 09
There are many comic books that are great works of literature. Though not every comic is high quality literature, but then again nor are all books (see trashy romance novels). The ruling was silly, and made by people who were suddenly worried that every year there would now be a new comic story that would take over the best fantasy award, which is silly, as there aren't many fantasy comics even today with a much broader field of books to pick from, and even fewer of those could be qualified as the best literature of the year.
@JUNGLE (1157)
• South Africa
17 Aug 07
I certainly do not agree with this ruling as I know that comics are a major part of literature.I grew up reading comics and they alone were that turbocharge that led me into reading every other type of writing. Were it not for comics, I might never ever have become the avid reader that I now am.I am still one of the biggest readers of comics around.I simply love comics,and will never stop buying and reading them.LOL!!!!
• United States
22 Jul 07
I love Neil Gaiman (Note: He will be at San Diego Comic Con, do not miss him). I think that comics are a great form of literature. I learned how to read by reading comics.
@bmax849 (61)
• United States
3 Jan 07
i believe that the written word in all of it's forms is literature. It may be bad literature, but it expresses someones point of view.