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@Infidel (180)
December 14, 2006 2:50pm CST
Combat Grounds is a text-based online multiplayer strategy game for anybody who wants to jump into a world of politics and dominate the battlefield. There are no downloads, nothing needs to be installed, and best of all: it's absolutely free! There are several ways to fight, and many strategies to winning. Choose your method of approach, find your target, and then attack at the most opportune moment, but choose your enemies wisely because they can attack you right back the same way you attacked them. If you don't like stealing money to beat your opponents, then that's okay, it's not the only way to win. The options are nearly endless, but always watch your back and plan ahead, or it will be you that will become the prey. You can also win fantastic prizes just by playing: Combatgrounds.com offers $2,000 USD in cash each round to the best supporter (player buying turns and/or subscribing), extra turns for the runner-up and the best crew. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and join me on the Combat Grounds http://www.combatgrounds.com/page.php?id=658697
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• Canada
14 Dec 06
Wow! Cool, I'll try out for it through your refferal. Did you ever play Cybernations? You make your own country and make policies and taxes and have wars and advance your military etc. Cybernations is also a text based online multiplayer game. Go to www.cybernations.net! If you liked my post, press the "+" button to the right of this post. Thanks!
@Infidel (180)
• Chad
14 Dec 06
No i didnt play that game thanks for singing up though, ill take a look at that game.