Animal Abuse

United States
December 14, 2006 3:40pm CST
Words can't describe how much I dispise animal abuse and the people who do committ the crimes. Who else agrees that punishment should be worse for these offenders?
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14 Dec 06
I know! My finace beats that crap out of our dog when he does somehting bad. So i threatend i would leave him lol its worked but if he touches our dog again im gonna have to put him to another good home cause i dont tolerate it. i think its horrible!
• United States
14 Dec 06
I just hope he doesn't turn his anger towards you if you give the dog away.
@lauriefnp (5112)
• United States
22 Jan 07
They definitely get off to easily. They should get more mandatory jail time, mandatory mental health counseling, stiff fines, and community service helping animals in a supervised shelter. Anyone who can even consider abusing an animal or taking out their anger or frustrations on a helpless animal is less than human himself, in my opinion. There are plenty of loving homes and shelters that they can give animals to if they do not want to love, protect, and feed them.
@jmcafam (2891)
• United States
21 Jan 07
I really think people get away to easily with hurting animals.I mean if they can do something horrible to an animal couldn't they turn on people just as easily?