Stale smoke smell

@teenal (1430)
Dublin, Ireland
December 14, 2006 5:32pm CST
Both my hubby,and I smoke and our home smells of stale smoke all the time. It doesnt bother us but Im sure any of our non smoking friends find it a bit yucky. Apart from the obvious (dont smoke in the house) has anyone any good tips for neutralising the smell.
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• Ireland
15 Dec 06
Both myself and my hubby also smoke and when I come home after a walk in the fresh air, I too can get the smell of stale smoke. I must say it is a disgusting smell. I have confined our smoking habit to just one room in the house and I keep some scented candles lighting here while we are smoking. I also leave a window slightly ajar to let the smoke out. I wish we could stop smoking as the nicotine destroys everything.
@briennekb (613)
• United States
15 Dec 06
You should find a day when you can clean your house. I mean, really clean house. Wash all of the yellow off the wall, scrub your walls and ceiling, shampoo the carpet twice, and so on. Once you get your house as clean as you can possibly get it, Febreeze the heck out of the entire house. And then every day after that Febreeze it twice a day. The good thing about Febreeze is that it isn't so strong of a smell that you feel like you're in a perfume store. I have found that Febreeze is the best odor neutralizer. Also, make plans to deep clean your house about once a month. Especially the walls. It is much easier to wipe them down once a month than it is to scrub them once a year.
@brendalee (6083)
• United States
14 Dec 06
I would suggest getting a good air cleaner. they work for dust and other bad things in the air too. I also use fabreeze. I'm sure there are other things but thats what I do.