Has anyone been to Egypt and can you tell me how it was?

@stailgate (2363)
United States
December 14, 2006 6:52pm CST
My husband was stationed over seas and got a chance to see all the landmarks there, and brought home pictures, and it looks so wonderful. He said that he would take me there, but I am so worried about how hot it is. I have seen the shops and all that they have. It looks so beautiful. If you have been there, I would love to hear from you and your experiances.
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@Bee1955 (3885)
• United States
13 Jan 07
Yes, not only been there, but lived there for a year. My ex-husband was from Cairo, Egypt and I loved the country and the people. When I first arrived and met his family, I was taken to all the tourist areas - Gaza, Luxor and Alexandria. Then we went to a Red Sea resort for a few days and I had fun with my new nieces and nephews there, playing in the sand. The kids loved showinf off their American "aunty" to their friends and I taught them some hand slapping games in English I remembered when I was a child. I can still remember hearing them while walking outside their school as they taught others. My then-husbanc laughed and said: "See what you started? We'll be hearing those songs for a long time!" We did! I learned to shop at the local bazaars and my uncle-in-law took me on the Metro (subway) into downtown Cairo to shop in Khan Galuhi, the centuries old marketplace where the shops were carved out of the huge stone orifice there. The alleyways in the Khan were tight and winding and you could get lost if you didnt have someone with you! I got a lot of bargains there. The outdoor marketplace in the Old part of the city was filled with cotton, spices and animals (used for cooking) for sale. What strange smells and sights to go back into time that way! We bought our goat there that was to be sacrificed on an upcoming Muslim holiday and roasted on a spit outdoors. Of course I shopped in regular modern stores in the downtown area,too. You'd be surprised to see Mc Donalds, Taco Bell, Arbys and Pizza Hut there! Yes, by all means,go to Egypt!
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28 Dec 06
I have not. The closest I got to it, was in a Las Vegas hotel set up like Egypt. It was awesome. If it is hot, then you need to wear light weight and light clothes.