Explanation of Virus

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December 14, 2006 7:58pm CST
WHAT IS A VIRUS? 1) Virus is a little program whos activity can destruct/destroy some files and a computer system. If this program does not open, it's inactive and could not or will not destroy anything. WHAT IS A VIRUS-EMAIL? 2) The virus program is brought to you by an email as attachment. It has a server itself (virus server). File virus attachments cannot go to another email, such as an email was sent by user (netter), member, moderator etc to be as their attachment. It must be brought to you by email itself,that we called EMAIL Of VIRUS. WHAT'S THEIR ADDRES? 3) EMAIL OF VIRUS would be sent by any email address of any account, that it found and cracked from some mailbox or address-book of other person anywhere. So that why the email of virus looks like it was sent by our friend, our member,our moderator etc..... even it is able to email a virus by our own email address. HOW TO SEE IS THAT A VIRUS ATTACHMENT? 4) To identification of virus attachment: a). it has a small size (
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15 Dec 06
Thanks! Love your guides. Wish I had gotten this earlier...I have a virus from MSN on my comp :S If you liked my post, press the "+" button to the right of this post. Thanks!