do you have freckles?

freckles - Upon exposure to the sun, freckles will reappear if they have been altered with creams or lasers and not protected from the Sun, but do however fade with age in some cases. Freckles are not a skin disorder but genetic. People with a predisposition to freckles may be especially susceptible to sunburn and skin cancer, and should therefore take extra care to protect themselves in the sun with a daily sunblock of at least 15 SPF.

In dermatology, the synonym ephelides is used to designate freckles.

Many people find freckles appealing, and at the extreme can have a fetish for them. "Freckle fetishists", who can be male or female, may also be fixated on freckling at particular locations of the body: shoulder-freckles, cheek-freckles, back-freckles, or other locations and combinations. Because freckles are sometimes closely genetically linked to red hair, freckle fetishism can also have redhead fetishism and trichophilia.-- wikipedia
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December 14, 2006 9:56pm CST
Freckles are small tan spots of melanin on the skin of people with fair complexions. Having freckles is genetic and is related to the presence of the melanocortin-1 receptor MC1R gene variant. Freckling can also be triggered by long exposure to sunlight, such as suntanning. When the sun's rays penetrate the skin, they activate melanocytes which can cause freckles to become darker and more numerous, although the distribution of melanin is not the same. Fair hair such as blonde, or more commonly red hair, are usually common with the genetic factor of freckles, but none so much as fair or pale skin. -- wikipedia luckily i dont have. how bout you guys?
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15 Dec 06
i do have a few freckles but not that many.i always heard those were angel
@123456_ (1053)
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16 Dec 06
hah! really thats nice to! id like ti bring that up to a friend who has one
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27 Feb 07
i have slightly brown spot on my both cheeks as a result of sun exposure while i am using astringent. and the effect is permanent, but it lighten a bit because i am using sunblock and vit.e
@bezzamae (447)
• Philippines
26 Feb 07
i have freckles and i want to get rid of them.. sigh!
@aquarian83 (1944)
• United States
26 Jan 07
i dont have it but one of my frnds in coll ahd it... she was very fair but thr were many brown spots all arnd her face esp dense over cheeks n nose