Work at home scams

September 21, 2006 6:53am CST
This is a topic that I reckon has been written about tons and tons of times. But I must confess that it still continues to fascinate me that even with so much info abt scams ,people are still gullible to them!!!! Sad but thrue. I reckon you cant blame the scammed 'cause of the amount of unemployment around. Scammers are coming out with newer and scarier ways of methods to sam people. The new scam going around is asking for people to search for links and not getting paid for it after submission of product!!!! You waste all ur time and money looking for links,compiling them and submitting them to a fictitious mail id. You are promised to get paid 40 cents for each link but thats where it all stops!!! The scammer gets all the work done for free and chuckles all the way to the bank. So every one beware!!! So its not that all the regn fees pay programs are scams, include the ones above that dont need any upfront fees but still scam you for the work you do!!!!! God Save Us!!!!
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• Japan
21 Sep 06
The question is how do we differentiate the good guys from the bad guys?
@Schubler (1530)
• Romania
21 Sep 06
Nice man glad you started this discussion... on the few sites that does pay on the net... There are alot of scams going around even users of this site fall for it... but what can we do... let`s hope they`ll start writing here... I hope everybody on this site that has a scam to report or has been scamed to say something!!! Thanks man... wish you the best!!!