Road Rage

@ardnas69 (174)
United States
December 14, 2006 10:36pm CST
I consider myself to be a fairly good driver and I usually obey the laws and know what is right and wrong.(I aint perfect,I have had a speeding ticket) But states do have different laws so what is ok in my state my not be in another. The past few days have really gotten to me with some idiot drivers. And it seems like the ones gettin on my nerves all have the same problem, I mean they are all doin the same stupid thing to irritate me. I will be sitting at a light waiting to make a left turn (on a green light of course) and it seems as if it just doesnt fail! In the past two days there have been at least five drivers do this to me. While waiting to turn, the oncoming traffic clears but there is that one driver that is going to make a right turn. What do they do? They stop and act as if I have the right of way to turn,I mean maybe they are being courteous. But when they wait on me and they have the right of way and they are stopped at a green light, this is what causes accidents. If they would just turn and go and get out of the way-we wouldnt be sittin there starin at each other wondering who is gonna go while people are beepin horns. And you might be saying that maybe there side turned red and my side stayed green,but that wasnt the case in at least three of these incidents because I glanced back quickly to see if that was the case.Ok, I am done fussing. Thanks Ya'll.
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@maddog108 (3440)
• Australia
15 Dec 06
i sufferd from road rage a while back my self i got prity bad but looking back on it now there were other factors causeing the rage it just came out when i was driveing.when i see simular situations now i deal with it a lot differently .if your haveing road rage i suggest takeing a break from driveing driveing should be relaxing not stressfull