What do you know about H2O?

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December 15, 2006 12:55am CST
Water myths are free-flowing. Test your knowledge with this true-false quiz!!! 1. Whether your thirsty or not, you should drink 8glasses of water a day. 2. Drinks with caffeine help you stay hydrated. 3. Mixed alcoholic drinks help hydrate the body. 4. Drinking water while eating helps digestion. 5. Oxygenated water helps muscles and improves performance. Answers: 1. False - You may not need that mch. Thirst is a reliable indicator of water needs, so there's no reason to carry a water bottle, unless your'e exercising or in a hot or dry environment. 2. True - caffeinated drinks are diuretics, but still they add in part, to your fluid intake. 3. False - While many mixed drinks contain water, they can still dehydrate the body like straight alcohol. 4. False - the stomach needs water for digestion, but it gets it from the body. 5. False - Studies have shown that is does not improve aerobic performance, nor does it increase your blood oxygen levels.
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