Using myLot To Generate Income

December 15, 2006 4:36am CST
Now, there aren't many sites out there where you can just fart around and make money but if you're a fan of MySpace then you'll love myLot. If you were to combine MySpace, Digg and Kazook, you would get myLot. This site combines the social networking of MySpace with the fierce competition of Digg and the payouts of Kazook. In fact, you can make more money on this website than with Kazook. In the first few hours I used it, I made between 10 and 20 responses and started about 3 discussions. The next day, I had $0.20 .. which I admit is terrible. Today, I upped my responses to about 100 and started about 30 discussions to which some were heavily replied and I'd imagine I will get closer to $1.00 or perhaps $2.00. That's great and all for someone who likes to comment a lot and get a lot of feedback from people, but this is a serious blog it has a specific purpose- to show you how to make money. The real secret here is in referrals. If you can refer 50 people like me to the site who generate about $1.00 a day and you get 25% of the earnings (which you do), you're going to get around $25/day for doing nothing. ~$750/month is nothing to sneeze at and would be a great addition to your passive income and your asset column. See, the best thing here is that there is no limit to how much people can generate on this site ... sky's the limit. So potentially, you could refer 100 people and get twice that. It's all about the math.
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15 Dec 06
It sounds like you have a good idea on your hands. I admire your dedications, I personally don't use Mylot too it's full potential, but I am working to change that. I would be happy with a coupel dollers a day, but I am yet to reach that mark. ----------------------------------------------------------- Please check out -