what is the secret of happiness?

December 15, 2006 4:56am CST
As such when your mind is really happy from eithin or you are happy from your life or love your life and thanks to almighty for giving you the best he had ever provided to anyone else.So, in my view its the secret of real happiness? So, what about others viewpoint? You all are invited.:-)
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@wynna1 (1291)
15 Dec 06
I think the secret of happiness for me is being contented with what you have. Sometimes, wanting what is impossible to have makes us unhappy. I found my happiness with my hubby, im very much contented with him.
@gscs1838 (1536)
• Malaysia
15 Dec 06
happiness = cheese cheese goes good with everything. just like happiness. to eat cheese is to be happy. its that simple.
@rladiga00 (1166)
• India
15 Dec 06
By not becoming victim of undue desires By working hard with devotion and commitment By not cheating any one By keeping mind away from fear and unnecessary worries Develop thriftiness - saving for future are some of the preconditions to move towards happiness.