How do you manage stress

United States
December 15, 2006 11:30am CST
I am a stay at home Dad. And my wife works fulltime and has a part time job as well. I can feel she's very stress. She act like I don't need some rest as I don't work. I understand her feelings. Do you think I don't get tired doing all chores at home same things all five years. Do I deserve to have some rest and fun by going out? She only act as I don't and she deserved them. What do you think?
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@lafavorito (2964)
• Philippines
15 Dec 06
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Hi freelot, I understand how you feel. I'm a Saty-at-home mom and it's not easy to do the chores at home, aside from the tired feeling you get when you're done, you're not paid for all your effort. My husband used to think that staying at home is easy, one time we made an agreement to switch places for a day, I went out of the house early in the morning met with my business clients and went home just in time for dinner. By the time I got home he was so tired of taking care of our toddler that he went to bed a few minutes after dinner, the next day he apologized for not giving me enough credit. I suggest you and your wife to sit down and talk, she's very stressed at work and probably misses you and your kids (how many do you have?). Cook her favorite dish, order her favorite desert, light up some scented candles and she'll opne up to you. I hope you'll work things out with your wife:)