Which living American will be remembered 500 years from now?

December 15, 2006 7:09pm CST
Someone asked me this question and it's been making me think ever since. Who would I say would be remembered 500 years from now.. what american has done something worth remembering all those years from now. Would it be a scientist? A President? A movie star? A spiritual person? A computer wiz? I myself am uncertain what would be relevant to people in the future.. maybe it would be just something wonderful as a great jazz singer or maybe President John F. Kennedy... Will Bill Gates be noted as the world's genius in computer science? What do you think??? I'm still pondering.
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@jwfarrimond (4474)
18 Jan 07
It's impossible to say what kind of society there will be in 500 years time. America itself might not exist as a coherent nation by that time. Heresy I know, but nations have a life span just as people do, and 500 years is a long time, longer that many civilizations have lasted for to say nothing of individual nations. To try and give some sort of answer to your question though, we have to think of the people who lived 500 years ago and who is well known now and why. It was outstanding rulers or people who did outstanding things that in some way have relevance to the people who live now. Maybe if the people of 500 years from now are living in a futuristic technological world then maybe they'll most remember Bill Gates. Personally though, I can't think of any American president who deserves the description "great"