Teen Buzz

United States
December 15, 2006 9:19pm CST
Has anyone heard the teen buzz ringtone? It actually works. I tried it on my teacher and she couldn't here it. Studies prove that people over 30 cannot hear it because the ear deteriorates and makes it hard for "older" people to actually hear it. My question is, can you hear it? Here is the site where you can hear it. http://www.jetcityorange.com/toys/17KHz.wav
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@Infidel (180)
• Chad
16 Dec 06
Yea i herd it, or one of them (it seems that there are many). It worked for me, Alot of people didn't hear it, but it seems that it was annoying and high pitched ( i know this is beacuse it was high pitched but meh)
• United States
16 Dec 06
yep it high pitched. but it works well when you have a txt messg in class. lol