Dramatic Freeway Puppy Rescue

"Sewer Beagle" - Dramatic Freeway Puppy Rescue

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United States
December 15, 2006 10:55pm CST
(On the I-75 Expressway) --- NBC24 was the only station on scene for a dramatic rescue in the middle of Interstate-75. Part of the expressway was closed near Detroit Avenue as emergency crews tried to save a dog that had been trapped in the sewer drain for days. It was a tense life or death rescue scene complete with a victim and heroes who refused to give up. A woman had been calling 911 for two days. Celena Griffin first saw the dog peeking out of the drain Monday but crews couldn't find the beagle puppy in the sewer highway divider. On Tuesday morning, Celena called 911 again. This time, she refused to leave until the dog was saved. A crew was dispatched to her location and she watched as the Lucas County Dog Warden pulled the animal out alive."That was awesome," says Celena Griffin, who called 911. "Everybody pulled together. Talk about the Christmas spirit. Dog lovers rock!"Getting the puppy out of the drain wasn't easy. The Deputy Dog Warden had about four inches of space to work with in order to pull the dog to safety."I've taken one or two out of a sewer before, but not like that on the expressway," say Walt Raftery, Lucas Co. Deputy Dog Warden Since the friendly dog has no tags and no known name, rescuers are calling him the "sewer beagle." The mixed breed is now at the Lucas County Dog Warden's kennel on Erie Street downtown. Per policy, the dog warden is holding the puppy until an owner can claim it. The dog warden tells NBC24 the puppy will be held until early next week. If an owner doesn't come forward, then the warden might put the "sewer beagle" up for adoption. Rob Packard 12/12/06 Copyright © 2006 WNWO-TV, a Barrington Broadcasting Group station. Associated Press may have contributed to this report. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. You can veiw video here: mms://media02.toast.net/nbc24.com/news/1212066pmdogrescue.wmv
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@rainbow (6763)
18 Dec 06
It's a wonderful thing that the little beagle survived and that there were people prepared to help, I hope it gets a loving home! I wish more animal stories ewere as happy as this one.
@brendalee (6083)
• United States
16 Dec 06
Another story with a happy ending. Thank you for sharing that with us. Hopefully there will be tons more of good stories about animals.