Are u married ?

December 16, 2006 6:17am CST
Are u married ? I'm single !!
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• Romania
16 Dec 06
I suppose you could call me an old-fashioned sort of a girl. The not-marrying kind. In theory, I'm not alone. Fewer women are getting married today than has been the case for the past hundred years[1]. When it comes to speaking out against marriage, however, it's a different matter. That's a trend that seems to have come and gone in the seventies, and it's showing no signs of ever returning. Back then it didn't bother me; I was too busy playing with Bridal Sindy and imagining my future as lived through a series of anorexic-cut dresses. It bothers me now, though. Several years ago, I met the man with whom I chose to spend the rest of my life. We moved in together and now live happily ever after. In-between working, socialising and dividing up the household chores, we spend our free time plotting to undermine the very bedrock upon which our society is built. We are not married