Tokyo, Japan - Land Dedicated Hardworkers

December 16, 2006 6:47am CST
If you have been to Tokyo and / or most cities in Japan and spent a couple of weeks there, it would be possible to paint a real nice picture of how the Japanese work (and live). Work for the Japanese means dedication. To them Work is life. Work is greatness and work is everything. A person now working feels empty, worthless and is not dignified. Work or an occupation to the Japanese is dignity itself. No matter what job or occupation a Japanese is doing, he will do it to the best of his ability, humbly rising to challenges and quietly reaping the rewards of promotion over time and family. Underneath the crowded and small streets of the city lies a labrynth of underground shopping, which for a short time visitor might not probably seen except if he travels extensively via the trains that criss cross the city's underground. Stay in the city late in the evening and one will see the towering office towers still lit up, meaning there are still hardworking office personnels trying to grind away the hours to meet deadlines. Dedicated at work even at the expense of them missing family life. But they reward themselves after work. Passing by the local pubs or yakitori bars, to chat, take some light dinner and most of all drink. A way to relieve their tensions at work and to communicate and meet their community.
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