Would you be so kind as to corret the mistakes I made in my composition?

@yueliu (1623)
December 16, 2006 9:06am CST
Since I am a foreiger study Enlish,I wish you can give some advice to my composition.Words failed to express my thankness. modes of traveling When asking about the modes of traveling ,differet people offer different opinions.Some people prefer traveling in a team,but others disagree,they believe in traveling individually is the best way. Both of the two modes have advantages and disadvantages.Traveling in a team may save you some money,besides you needn't consider much.For instance,when to start a journey,how to find a hotel,etc.All the preparation has been done by the travelling company.However,you may not have enough time to pay a visit.That's why some people choose traveling individually.Only in this way can you enjoy your journey.But you have to cost more money and have to pay attention on the preparation. As to me,I prefer traveling in a team.Since I am a student in a university,my daily expense are mostly depended on my parents.What's more,I don't have enough time to thingk of the preparation before traveling.So I hold the opinion that traveling in a team is a proper way for me.
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@tsamcq (457)
• United States
16 Dec 06
You need to add a space after commas and two spaces after periods.
@xtinelee (3377)
• Singapore
16 Dec 06
foreigner, not foreigner. English not Enlish. It's different, not differet. It's think not Thingk.