VISNU Indian Cutting Age Defense System

@kpisgod (994)
December 16, 2006 10:07am CST
India had got VISNU which is developed on cutting age of Technology and become only World Super Power What is VISNU? VISNU=Virus Infected and Stimulated Nuclear Uddan It is developed based on SSV(Space Shield Virus) Technology What VISNU does? If any flying Object including missile,air jet etc. which passes through the Space Shield Zone(SSZ) the SSV virus attacks the flying object's flight control system including Hardware and Software. The Flying object start malfunctioning and losses control from the original control Tower. Recently India had conducted this test with categories of missiles and flight. The SSV also can reprogram the flying control system and control can be established with Indian control tower. How VISNU will help to protect India from any missile attack? Once the flying object is infected by VISNU ,its flight control system is reprogramed and control is established with Indian Defense Control Tower via Satellite. Now India can redirect this flying object to any destination . So India can be virtually shielded from any missile or air attack. How VISNU can protect from Nuclear attack through missile VISNU not only can read or write the Control programs but also can transfer critical fission related data to Indian Defense Center which brings the Nuclear Device to the Criticality. Once the data is transmitted and analyzed the data can be controlled by Indian Nuclear Defense system and the fission device can be made inactive or redirect to other destination including enemy place.
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