Pay pal is good or E-gold ???

December 16, 2006 12:13pm CST
In both PAy-Pal is good or E-gold better for online tranzaction or why ???
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• Pakistan
27 Dec 06
In my opnion E gold is better becouse it pays worldwide.
@paki143 (793)
• Pakistan
27 Dec 06
paypal is not in my country so egold is best for me e
@adnan007 (1083)
• India
27 Dec 06
I think paypal will be a better option because If you need to buy something online you can easily buy it with paypal but not with e-gold.
• Romania
27 Dec 06
If your country supports paypal I think that this one is better because you can get the money out of a paypal account by bank. Getting money out of e-gold is a little harder. I am using e-gold because many investment programs use it. If paypal will become available in my country I will open an account.
@lucalucky (1840)
• Italy
16 Dec 06
I think Paypal is the best internet money service. I have E-gold and Paypal and I am sure that Paypal is better. Obviously you cannot use Paypal all aorund the world (there are few country not in their list) but fee )if you have a personal account and not a business) are really cheap (and not at all receiving money), you receive an e-mail alert everytime someone pay you (so you don't have to check you account every day). E-gold has not this service and, that's a big problem, it is not in money but in metal so your money is changing every day (depends on the metal value) and sometime this is really a mess. At the the end Paypal is the only one that I know where you trasfer money to your own bank for free.
@the_law (282)
• Sri Lanka
16 Dec 06
i think e-gold is much better... they have much lower fees than pay pal and no limitations on your account like pay pal has... just my opinion.