My most memorable Christmas

United States
December 16, 2006 12:22pm CST
What is your most memorable Christmas? Mine was a few years ago when my youngest son (abt. age 20 at that time) wrapped gag gifts for everyone. No one knew about the gags and we had some good ones. Nothing that we spent money on. For instance, my husband was a lot larger then than he is now and my son-in-law would tease him and say that he wanted to be just like him. So we wrapped an old t-shirt and sweat pants from my husbands reject clothes and gave that to my son-in-law, along with a box of Chocoate Covered Cherries to get him started on the path to plumpness. My son and I did all the wrapping, but did not wrap for ourselves of course. At least that's what HE thought. He left his new watch lying on a table in the kitchen one day so I wrapped it. The look on his face when he opened the box and saw that watch was priceless. We had so much fun and I have it all on video. So, what have you done or experienced that made a certain Christmas stand out?
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