December 16, 2006 12:36pm CST
i sometimes wonder if mankind will ever leave peacefully on this earth.I mean come to think of it that has never happened has it??the only little peace that was there was when perhaps ADAM n EVE came into existence.....but that too didnt last long did it? lemme know ur views
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• United States
16 Dec 06
There will never be peace on earth, ever. It is against mans nature to be peaceful, just look at us, if someone has something better we want it, if someone else is more powerful, we want the power, there will always be someone who will do whatever it takes including hurting people to get what they want. It is a shame but that is the way it will be for as long as man is on earth.
• India
16 Dec 06
but there must be a way to atleast try n create a pathway to peace....but then again there can never be only good people on earth.....i think its time for a change......a change in teh attitude and nature of mankind.....i wud still like to be optimistic and hope that there will be peace one day..and i hope atleast one man is alive to c that day :)