Supply Teacher's Santa Slip

@Dosa86 (263)
December 16, 2006 2:04pm CST
School terminates contract after teacher tells kids there's no Santa!!! child sitting on santa's kneeA primary school in Sutton Coldfield reacted swiftly when a supply teacher broke ranks on the Santa story. Parents of pupils at the school were furious when the teacher told their children that there was no Santa. Then, for good, measure, she also disabused them of the notion that fairies or elves were real. According to reports, the supply teacher told her class of 9-year-olds; ' You are old enough to know there is no Santa or fairies. If you ask your parents they will also say there is no such thing.' The teacher in question had her contract terminated and head teacher Diane Thomas-Wood told The Sun; ' We have followed up the matter with the agency.' What do you think about?!
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