Will India Will Win World Cup 2007

World Cup 2007 - Captain of India until World Cup 2007
@suryan (45)
December 16, 2006 2:52pm CST
Dear friends, World cup is one cricketing event that every cricket fan looks forward to. Once every four years during the cricket world cup, fans put a hold to all their schedules just to be able to catch up with live and latest updated world cup score.And do you think that Indian cricketers will prove this time that they are champions. There is only 2 months left for world cup 2007.Are Indian cricketers ready to face the challenge?Will India will won the world cup?No one can predict.And if someone ask that will Austraila will won the World cup these time.You will many of them will be confident.As all know about there strategies,there plannings etc.All Indian people are tend to watch India cricket match as there is some hope that India will won today .As india Loose the match.But most of time we Indians get upset.As we have spent our valuable time seeing the whole match leaving all other work. As the hopes are still there and i surely think that India will Won the World Cup 2007 and prove other nations that we indians are champions.
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• India
16 Jan 07
definitely they will win the worldcup no doubt about it
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• India
16 Dec 06
India win world cup is purely based on the perfomence of our players at that time because fate never favoures if at time rains we can deffinetly say that india going to loss
@sijuko (2)
• India
17 Jan 07
I think india will never win world cup
• Nigeria
16 Dec 06
India is a very good cricket nation arguably one of the strongest well i should be backing england though they are for me renewed...
@tsprabhu (705)
• India
16 Dec 06
There are chances! But unfortunately ODI performances of India in the recent past are not looking good, so the chances are less!:(