What do you think about eutanasia?

An euthanasia machine - That's the machine where is made the euthanasia.
December 16, 2006 3:16pm CST
Euthanasia is an practice who attempts to kill an incurable patient. Some people think that's wrong kill a man, others think that's wrong, even if the patient is suffering with the illness. There's two kinds of Euthanasia: the "passive euthanasia" and the "active euthanasia". The passike kind don't take the patient to death, but with the pass of time, if the patient don't have an medical, pharmacologic or others, the patient is attempted do die. Otherwise, the Active kind takes the patient to the end of life, while In the measure in that is planned and negotiated between the patient and the professional that is going to lead and to term the act. Thanks to everyone who comments here. cheers
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@sunshinecup (7872)
16 Dec 06
IMO, passive euthanasia is cruel, it also includes starvation. When a person is in so much pain that they decide to end it this way, how can someone not intervene with a shot to end it all? I respect people even their choice of when to die, so I am a supporter of euthanasia. When it's my turn, I pray someone will love me enough to allow me to go with my pride and as little pain as possible.
@blink182m (182)
• Philippines
15 Feb 09
The pros about euthanasia is that in instance if the person is in a state were he could no longer speak and you want to end his/her suffering that would be the pros of euthanasia or mercy killing. I know its wrong to do that but can you feel that the person is suffering also by ending his/her agony. Why prolong life if the person you love is suffering.
@ronaldinu (12438)
• Malta
15 Feb 09
I am against that someone terminates his own life. I do think that even pain has a significance in life. I don't want to open my religious baggage, but I do believe that religion gives a sense to my life including pain and illness. Thus even pain has a signficance in life for me.
@wolfie34 (26789)
• United Kingdom
19 Dec 06
I am personally pro-euthanasia, if I was suffering and had no type of life and couldn't do anything for myself, surely its my prerogative to end my life? Why make people suffer unnecessarily? Why let their family and friends watch them suffer every day? If an animal was suffering or in great pain then the humane thing would be to put the animal down, so why then can't we do the humane thing to humans? It's not right and euthanasia should be made legal.
@kishchun (497)
• Oman
18 Dec 06
it is indeed a difficult question to answer. i would personally prefer to help anyone who is suffering, by offering some kind of relief from pain. there should be some solution to any problem, rather than putting an end to life when we don't have the power to rekindle or create. it does disturb me. i don't support this practice.
@dienutza (449)
• Romania
17 Dec 06
i think that it's rude for us to make a person live in suffer and pains ...if it's a painfull illness which can't cure and if the person wants to die without anymore suffer..i think it's right for him to respect his decision:D..and for those who can live more with that illness i think it's ok for them...that's what i think...
@vipul20044 (5796)
• India
17 Dec 06
Euthanasia is illegal. I think everyone should have advance directives in order such as a Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney. A "do not resuscitate" order for terminally ill persons is a matter of choice. However, to euthanize is setting a dangerous precedent. Who shall be euthanized? What about the very old? How old is too old? Those unable to pay their bills? The mentally challenged? The crippled? The insane? Who decides? Somethings can never be answered! So am against it!
@Athenrad (11)
17 Dec 06
I think is its the patients choice thye should be intitled to it. God Bless.
17 Dec 06
its the persons choice, its their life so they can choose
@kimifan (48)
• India
17 Dec 06
I think its better to do this ,rather than allowing the person to suffer with the disease..because ther s nothin so much painful in this world than tolerating the pains ....i feel for old ppls it can be done ..and for young who havent crossed their noon of their life ,let them be allowed some more...but the attempt is more painful..ofcourse!!... so with the relatives consent it must be done .....so therefore it is better to do this rather than sufferring for the pain..
@djbtol (5496)
• United States
17 Dec 06
Murder is wrong. Can't dress it up to look nice no matter how hard you try. It is God who give life and only He has the right to take it back. Euthanasia, just like abortion, is murder for the sake of convenience.
@Nardimm (218)
• Brazil
17 Dec 06
what this does? O.o
@haqmb05 (176)
• India
17 Dec 06
i dont now
@bizgeek (517)
• Philippines
17 Dec 06
i am taking care of my bedridden grandmother and yes its taking toll on us..but i just cant think i an do that to her..
@volschenkh (1043)
• South Africa
17 Dec 06
I believe everyone should have the right to decide his/her own fate. I have told my family that if I should be in a coma or have a uncurable disease and in a lot of pain, that they should let me go. I want to dye with dignity.
@jithinsb (520)
• India
17 Dec 06
if its uncurable and if the person is suffering like hell...then i think its right
@blazonvj (430)
• India
17 Dec 06
i think it shoudl be legal...wats wrong in killing a person who cannot even lead a life..i mean a real life...living in a coma with the help of biomedical instruments is not life....i vote for eutanasia....make ti legal..help suffering people
@hac707 (162)
• Pakistan
17 Dec 06
I beleive that in any case and under any circumstance nobody should do such thing.
@zeus1a (1047)
• Netherlands
17 Dec 06
I agree with it.However under very strict regulation and only if the person that wants it is in a very difficult situation and he hasnt lost his mind..i.e late stages of cancer..etc..etc..so only if he asks it himself.However i strictly repeat with very thorough rules.
• Malaysia
17 Dec 06
I personnally think that eutanasia is ok as long as you have the patien't ok.