@cooky28 (739)
December 16, 2006 4:00pm CST
When you were young going to school did you ever have a crush on you teacher.
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@UPLANA (3159)
• India
30 Dec 06
no!i have never done that!
@saeedsid (1120)
• Pakistan
17 Dec 06
When I used to go to school I did not had any crush on a teacher but I remember during my college days one of my close friends had a crush on a teacher and at that time we used to tease him a lot hehe.
@Celanith (2334)
• United States
16 Dec 06
Yes I did, I was in highschool he was a young teacher just out of college, I was ninteen, he was twenty three. But that was as far as it went, I don't think he ever knew. Then I met my husband and the crush was history. LOL
@heartonfire (4128)
• Denmark
16 Dec 06
i hope you mean at least highschool lol..but no,i didn't..i don't seem to be interested in guys much older than me,i feel like falling in love with my father lol
@brendalee (6083)
• United States
16 Dec 06
When I was in school, I mostly had woman teachers. The ones that I had that were males, were real jerks. Now when my son was in school, he had a male teacher that I thought was very cute. Somehow my son overheard me saying it and told his teacher that his mom thought he was cute. How embarrassing that