don't no must to do

December 16, 2006 4:28pm CST
weren't u in the position that you yourself did not understand your position? Was in the bustle but like was personally? Only stagnation and the concern, lack of clarity, the daydream became loyal friend It seems wanted to take a step how come really heavy, wanted quiet bored, this the heart syndrome was experiencing something? Then whether that? This the problem of the love, but did not gush out even one about the desire to be in love, then whether the meaning of this feeling? Once weren't you felt like that? u don't no what u do again, in fact had also the work? If previously time I had matter like just simple, was sharing to minimal 5 friends, then just relieved, according to my the feeling that like that one of our signs was understanding something (if in living of his name the process understood the life), our stage through, then entered the following stage, we were still understanding anything that had happened beforehand (what and why), more was ready to take a step to future His problem now, I already not often sosialated, the limited friend, the difference when I was at senior high school time or goes to class, now most were limited just professional, was sharing did not have the place like that It is difficult, wanted to be sharing what next? It was abnormal that matter, looks like I was usually with this conditons
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