I'm a french guy and I'm new on MyLot

December 16, 2006 4:50pm CST
Hello everybody, I live in France. I don't know if there's a lot of french people on MyLot. Just tell me.
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• Philippines
16 Dec 06
welcome to mylot and start earning!
• France
17 Dec 06
Thank you for your welcome.
@Khangura (924)
• Canada
16 Dec 06
hi, im not french but welcome to mylot.
• Canada
16 Dec 06
@Serjas (2328)
• India
23 Jan 07
i am here to share some tips i know 1) start a discussion with different ideas. may not be fresh topics .discussion must not be a common topic like favourite films,favourite cartoon....there are many such topics 2)whatever in your mind you can start it may be some health tips,and movies are the favourite in any forums.something that give info 3)never avoid replies. you must read all replies.u don't have to comment(it didn't give any points) just read and 4) mark a best response and all other replies which promote ur discussion, rate as (+). don't rate a negative until it has nothing to do with discussions.check mylot earning program for more details. 5)during respond to a topic choose discussions that you are interested so you can reply as descriptive as possible. this let you earn more at quality discussions.quality discussions means it should be more than 5 lines and also discussion with many response. 6)try to response rather than making discussion. start only quality and hot discussions. 7)try to help newbies with less points by replying them. because i belive in"give and take" policy.just goto "new discussion" and try to reply to ur interst.also dearch for ur fav topics and reply.more you reply more you earn.and be loyal...dont make just thanks or somethink like that ...be as discriptive as possible even the discussion has 1 line.for eg:a discussion contains "ur fav song?" only,try to reply with ur answer along with details on that song...ensure quality last but not least,dont ever ever try to cheat mylot..by doing cheating may be you can earn more but money mde will not last...so be good...then god also! dont worry when things not workout...keep trying