How does it make you feel when Billionaires like Ted Turner don't give to

United States
December 16, 2006 9:02pm CST
charity because they are worried about social security????? I think it's ridiculous! This is what Ted Turner said on a t.v. interview recently. Are you upset? I know I am!
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@soldenski (2504)
• United States
29 Dec 06
I saw the same show and had this discussion with someone else on mylot. He does give to charities, altough it is "only" a percentage of his networth. He say's that all his money is not liquid assest's. The point is that he does give to charities, but we don't feel it's enough. I am grateful for anything people donate, and I don't think he has to donate money but he does anyway's.
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• United States
30 Dec 06
it is his money to do with whatever he likes. I am grateful too for whatever anyone likes to donate . We are all on this planet for a short time, and we should all do our share I feel. Billionaires be not, they do have more to give then most, it would be a shame if most didn't give back to their communities.
@toonatoons (3739)
• Philippines
17 Dec 06
maybe there are other ways where Ted Turner shares his money, not just to charitible instutions. who knows, maybe he's giving food and shelter to certain people without having the public know about it. i wish,though, that the rich would share a bit of their fortune to the less fortunate ones. because merely by sharing we can erase poverty in this world --- at least that's what i think.
• United States
17 Dec 06
I totally agree with your sentiment. I don't know, and am judging him a little by his words, but they are his words. Maybe he does something anonymously...maybe.