United Arab Emirates
December 17, 2006 12:35am CST
THEY cried, 'kill the Christians' I heard the shout for help, But I sat in my drawing room, With a fiction in my hand. I plugged my ears with cotton, For I was not a Christian. Now THEY shouted, no more Jews. I heard THEM next street, But I was busy watching My favourite TV show. I increased the volume, As I was not a Jew. And then I heard THEM against Muslims, The cry for help in my neighbourhood. I was browsing for a project I had to submit tommorrow. I had no time for them, And I was not a Muslim. And now THEY were next door, Crying to kill the Hindus. I heard them in my sleep. Also the cries for help from people. I thought it was a bad dream. And glad that I was not a Hindu. Nexy moment, I saw THEM on my doorstep THEY shouted "Kill that Man there", I cried for help but in vain, For they were not me, and I not them. Terrorism have no religion or boundaries, I understood then, but it was very late.
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