September 22, 2006 12:59am CST
I was thinking,.... Why is it that Asians look so vastly different than Caucasians? And Aborignals look different than Indians, or Africans? (This is disregarding all the cross-breeding that has taken place over the years - Europeans with Indians of the New World... etc.) Are all humans derived from one set of descendants: An Adam and Eve, the way the Bible says? Or are they descended from a single cell that evolved? Or, are human beings the result of an entire species undergoing an evolutionary change? Or, did human beings evolve into a thinking species, and then evolve further into the various shapes, sizes and colors we see today, based on their environments? Or, perhaps, was there cross breeding as the earliest humans moved from Africa and spread across the world? If we all share a common ancestry, then how did the diversity we see in human beings today come about? Evolution?
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@RAMPersona (2034)
• Philippines
24 Oct 06
Geography, Climate are few factors. what's your assessment of people living near the equator or at the equator? and farther? just basic observation would tell