Child labour, Is it any of our business ?

@cclay34 (486)
United States
December 17, 2006 3:44am CST
At least a couple of times a month we can turn on the evening news and see that someone in some foreign land is using child labour to manufacture goods to be exported to the United States. People gasp in aw as the reporter gives the detail of such a horrendas act. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe all is not as it seems ? Have you ever stopped to think that maybe, just maybe this reporter is blowing everything out of perportion just in order to get higher television ratings and to give his career a boost. People in other countries have differant views than we do here in America, Things that we find unacceptible may be perfectly normal and acceptible for there country and or culture. I know that most times the reporter will go on and on how these kids work for $1 or $2 dollars a day but what i dont here them saying is that $1 or $2 could amount to 40 or 50 times more in the local currency. Another thing that I never hear mentioned is the fact that a lot of times these children are working right along side of one or both of their parents. What do you think ? Is it a horrendas act of humanity or all just a big media blow up ?
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