Living on the streets.

December 17, 2006 6:16am CST
Living on the streets while I was young was very hard. For one, they don't teach you what you are meant to do if you end up on the streets at school. Second, there are alot of ways to end up a junkie, a criminal of other kinds or dead. I was lucky and didnt hang with other street kids, I kept to myself. Eventually I found myself a job and because they understood my predicament they let me use the workplace as my address for the employment declairation. It has been 14yrs since I was on the streets and now I feel like Ive lost my caring for others on the streets. I find myself thinking that if I could get off the streets at 16, why is it that a man or woman of 25-30 are still on the streets. Anyone have any thoughts of their own on this subject?
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• India
19 Dec 06
i can only say it's difficult to live on streets..
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• Australia
30 Dec 06
It was less difficult living on the streets than living with my mother and step father beleive me. My step father is a violent drunk and my mother has always beaten me badly for looking like my father.
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