December 17, 2006 7:34am CST
farmers of bihar were forced to grow indigo instead of food-grains indigo is a p lant that gives blue dye. british traders bought it for a low price for their dye mill. so our poor farmers become poorer. cotton and silk weavers were forced to sell their goods to britishers for a very low price. so the poor weavers became poorer. kings and nawabs lost their freedom if a kig died without a child, his kingdom was attached to the british part of india to provide the cotton mills in london with cotton, indian farmers were forced to sell all thei9r cotton for a very low price. the manuractured cloth from london was sold in india. this led to the fall of h andloom industry in india the officers of the east india company received more salary. so indians lost their jobs. british stopped indians from opening a mill indian traders fredom fro trading was brought to a stop spread of dissatisfaction and anger amongst india...
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