To The Moon

December 17, 2006 9:09am CST
We should start a colony on the moon and send any person, group of people, or entire race who start trouble on our planet there. You know who I'm talking about...let's start with all countries that have the Letter N in their names (except Canada of course:) ). It can be like an outer space penal colony..and we can even change the name of it to Australiamoon. So feel free to offer suggestions on how to develop our colony or who to send there. I will start the ball rolling by sending there all past winners of American Idol, especially the guy with the gray hair, umm George Dubyah, and umm all of Albania (because I don't even know where Albania is). Next???
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@wolfie34 (26791)
• United Kingdom
22 Dec 06
This kind of reminds of that film Escape to LA, where LA was made a penal colony, with Kurt Russell. It was set sometime in the future and it was pretty good. Making the moon a penal colony would be like what happened in Australia when the UK shipped over the criminals. This is definitely a possibility, now we are talking futuristic like Alien 3. I can't see no reason why this couldn't happen, certainly not in our lifetime but habitat on the moon could be made possible. There is a number of people I'd love to send to the moon!