Test your mind

@Meg2006 (102)
September 22, 2006 5:29am CST
1. If you had only one match and entered a dark cold room where there was a paraffin lamp, gas heater and some kindling wood, which would you light first? 2. Some months have 30 days, some have have 31 days, how many months have 28 days? 3. Take two apples from three apples, what do you have? 4.You have an old fashioned 12 hour alarm clock. You go to bed at 8.00 in the evening and set the alarm at 9.00 in the morning, how many hours will you sleep before the alarm goes off? 5. The maker doesn't use it, the buyer doesn't need it and the user doesn't see it, what is it?
2 responses
• Netherlands
25 Oct 06
1. The match 2. 1 3. 1 apple 4. 1 hour 5. Coffin
@Sm00tH (2037)
• Belgium
2 Oct 06
nicely found and solved i could have done it i think but i arrived here 2nd