Guys make me sick

United States
December 17, 2006 10:04am CST
My fiance and I were talking to my roommate and giving her advice on a guy when my fiance said something that makes me sick. And I had a problem trusting guys before, got over it and now I don't want to ever talk to a man again. He said that after you sleep with a girl and then break up with her (it can be a serious relationship, a fling, whatever) that no matter what happens (she can get married, have children, etc) if she still talks to you the man believes he has a chance with sleeping with her. This makes me sick because he talks to two of his ex girlfriends and I talk to one ex-boyfriend now and then. But if this is true then..I'm not going to talk to him anymore. Personal choice. He also said that when men divorce their wives it doesn't matter if they were married for one year or twenty...that they all blend in together. And a lot of older men date younger women because once they got divorced they act like those twenty years were one year and still believe they are twenty. Is this true?
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@Denmarkguy (1845)
• United States
14 Mar 07
Your fiance may be a good guy and all... but that's patent nonsense. I'll give him SOME benefit of the doubt as I assume he's probably pretty young, and probably hasn't been THROUGH being married for many years. After I break up with someone I might see them as a friend, but you can be sure I have NO interest in sleeping with them again. Actually, it's probably a pretty good bet that at least PART of the reason we broke up had (in some way) to do with us no longer wanting to sleep together. And the bit about men not knowing the difference between 1 year and 20 years? That sounds like it was basically pulled out of thin air to support a rationale for why older men sleep with younger women. All I need to do is take a look in the mirror, to know how old I am.
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@juicemilk (2284)
• Australia
3 Apr 07
I dont think thats true for all males. Although I do think that there are some males who think they have a chance of sleeping with any women who talks to them! just because your man thinks he has a chance doesn't mean he's going to do it. He probably just likes the fact that someone is interested in him (even if it is just in his head lol) As for the divorce part...I think older men date younger woman because they are insecure and want to feel young again, they are trying to deny the fact that are getting old. I dont think they are showing any disrespect towards their ex-wives ( not intentionally at least) they just don't think the same way women do :)
@meljessxena (2317)
• Australia
14 Mar 07
oh my, i cant believe your partner said something like that. i dont think it works like that, when a couple split there is a trust issue, but still i dont see how men could think those 20 yrs could be like 1 year etc and go for younger person. but if he thinks that well he really needs some advice knocked into his head i guess, but males are like that, think the weirdest things when it comes to a relationship, well my partner does anyway
@sunita64 (6469)
• India
12 Mar 07
If all that is true then it is definately very sick attitude. But somehow I believe that every man is not like that as I have seen some very genuine devoted husbands. All fingers are not alike so do not get these negative thoughts influence your life, I wish you get someone who is above all this nonsense.
@mntcmn (37)
• United States
17 Dec 06
No it's not true as a universal proposition. Is it true for some guys? Undoubtedly. Is it true for your guy? Apparently. It indicates an awfully dim view of the integrity of women on the one hand and an incredibly short memory for guys on the other. Now, a question for you. Do "guys" make you sick or did your guy's comments make you sick?