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December 17, 2006 11:05am CST
Imagine yourself traveling in a bus that is moving at the speed of light...Now imagine yourself looking at the back of the bus, still sitting inside...what would you see???...NOTHING!!!because, for you to see something, light needs to get reflected from that object...but in this case, even you are traveling at the speed of light, so that the light reflected from the rear end of the bus won't be able to reach your eyes, and you would see nothing...!!! It's all relative... so post in other genuine ideas n theories u hav
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17 Dec 06
being creative is more useful then being genuies.
@tarachand (3895)
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17 Dec 06
Observers travelling at large velocities will find that distances and times are distorted ("dilated") in accordance with the Lorentz transforms; however, the transforms distort times and distances in such a way that the speed of light remains constant. A person travelling near the speed of light would also find that colours of lights ahead were shifted toward the violet end of the spectrum and of those behind were redshifted, so that the Lorentz transformations and classical explanations of shifting are in harmony. If information could travel faster than c in one reference frame, causality would be violated: in some other reference frames, the information would be received before it had been sent, so the 'effect' could be observed before the 'cause' is. Due to special relativity's time dilation, the ratio between an external observer's perceived time and the time perceived by an observer moving closer and closer to the speed of light approaches zero. If something could move faster than light, this ratio would not be a real number. Such a violation of causality has never been observed.