What will happen in the future?

What will happen to us and our next generation? - corruption
December 17, 2006 1:25pm CST
It seems that corruption has over powered almost every soul! Everyone is indulging in foul play and dishonesty just for their personal and financial gains. You dont believe me? Just open the morning newspaper. The news reads as follows: "A 6 month old girl was molested by a 16 year old!" "A wife murdered her husband for financial profit!""Husband killed his wife and eloped with his lover!""A boy who proposed to a girl threw acid on her face because she rejected him!""A mother threw her daughter in the river as she wanted a son!""Son murdered his father in order to inherit his whole property!""A girl was raped in the train at night, but nobody raised their voice!""Father raped his daughter and then cut her hands and tongue!"These are daily news, and it is absolutely true! Such things are happening in today's world! If we are unaware of such horrifying facts, then we better wake up and do something. If such things aren't stopped today, then they will never be! What will happen in the future? What have we to offer our next generation? Is the answer to this question "corruption"!
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• Italy
17 Dec 06
In the futuru it wont be any forests and the human life will be too easy and sign about boring and lazy
@bkwiatv1 (605)
• United States
17 Dec 06
The future is up to you to decide what happens.