Do student think about the money that is earned by thier fathers?

@suryan (45)
December 17, 2006 2:23pm CST
I am also a student but their is a lot of difference between me and my friends.Every student join classes , tutions for good understanding about studies.Parents work very hard and pay half the amount to their child for studies.And students never try to gain the output by studying hard.Nearly 30 percent student take money from thier parents and use these money for enjoyment without joining classes.20 percent student take money from their parents and just pay the money in classes and never attend the clases.30 percent attends the classes but the mind is not set to listen to the professor .As they think something different while professor tech them.And remaning 20 percent want to really study hard and show the world that they are the best.These student will really know the importance of money once they grow big and give their own money to their child for joining classes.They will how they have work hard to earn that money and may think that Let my child use these money for proper use. Is there any way to show these student the right path.Will the future generation will do these mistake again.Can anyone control them?
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