Who IS This Woman?

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December 17, 2006 5:14pm CST
Say what you will about Tara Reid—and people have, especially lately—but the gravelly voiced actress who tends to be photographed with a drink in hand is no shrinking violet. No one has ever used the word “boring” to describe this Jersey girl, who happened to have a “wardrobe malfunction” in 2004 that made people forget all about not just Janet, but the entire Jackson family.' This is how an article in the 'Vegas' Magazine - describing Hollywood's number one party girl, the infamous Tara Reid - starts. Of course, it accompanies the photos that you can see below, plus a special interview with the 'lady' herself. In case you didn't know, a while ago, Tara admitted to having had massive plastic surgery on her breasts and abdomen, at the same time trying to express her dismay at its outcome. In other words, she complained and asked for understanding for the very thing that got her into all the newspapers in the first place: her huge sagging boobs and ruined tummy. Then, with a brand new surgical intervention that fixed what the first one ruined, Tara vouched she would be back on track, focusing more on her career (ha!) and on making people give her credit again. Less than a month after a couple of very successful public appearances, Miss Reid showed up in London, doing THIS. She got drunk again, fell on the pavement in front of the cameras, caused a real scene and, all in all, made a total fool of herself. Now, with this interview and photo shoot, Tara wants us to believe that she is not as people describe her, namely, a party animal who drinks until she falls under the table, who exposes herself (and parts of herself) in embarrassing situations, who can't get an acting job because of her reputation. She is just a family-gal, down to earth and hard-working, she says. Even more, there is a new project in the pipeline for her: a new television show, that she will create and executive produce. The plot? 'The girl is an actress and it's about what she does with her friends and what she goes through. She's always getting in trouble but doesn't want to—she wants to be good but can't stop having fun. She has a great heart. It has a little bit of the Lucille Ball character. It's going to make fun of situations and myself', Tara explains. Oh, my God! This is just 'Taradise' part II, and we all know how that ended, don't we? source news,softpedia.com
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