Christmas doesnt always bring joy and happiness ! ! ! ! ! !

@cclay34 (486)
United States
December 17, 2006 8:42pm CST
Now is the time of joy and happiness as christmas day grows near. A time for families to be together, A time for mothers and fathers to see the joy and happiness in childrens eyes as they excitetly open christmas gifts on christmas morning. Unfortunatly not everyone will experience the joys of christmas, not every child will get a gift for christmas and not every family will be together. Nothing tugs at my heart more than to know that some child will have to go without christmas gifts, Some child will wake up on christmas morning and wonder why santa didnt visit their house. Just the thought of it brings tears to my eyes. This year I will be donating $50.00 to a family in Wisconsin. The family consist of a single mother and 4 children. The mother was in a car accident several months ago and for a short time the doctors werent sure if she would live. She did pull through but damage to her spinal cord and some nerve damage left her unable to use one of her arms. Because she lost use of her arm she has been unable to return to her job. She has filed for disability, however at this time a decision on her application for disability will be delayed until after the holidays, far to late for 4 children eagerly awaiting the arrival of santa claus. I will be sending money to this family on Friday December 22nd. Anyone who might wish to make a donation to these 4 children so that they may have a happy christmas is welcome to to send money to this paypal account I am not asking anyone to make a donation. This is just something that I feel in my heart that I must do for these unfortunate children. You must search your own heart and decide if you also want to help. For anyone who also makes a donation to these children, Your name will be added to a christmas card that will be mailed to this family wishing them a very merry christmas. Again, if you wish to make a donation the can be payed to paypal to this account: God Bless you all and Merry Christmas
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