September 22, 2006 9:20am CST
if god gave you a choice to choose bet ween your husband child or dad to live whom would you choose its difficult isnt it
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• United States
22 Sep 06
not difficult at all. It'd be my child. Although i am a daddy's girl and love my husband dearly.but they have both lived wonderful lives and she has to carry on the family. i know they would both agree with my decision and wouldn't want it any other way
• United States
2 Nov 06
great answer...i think they would agree with your decision...
@liyan97 (2128)
• Northern Mariana Islands
17 Jun 07
No..It would not be difficult at all! Of course I would choose me children! I feel that any man in my life can be replaced, but nothing can ever replace my children! They are my world, my life & my reason for taking that next breathe, even when times get so hard, that I don't really know if I can make it to the next day. It is my children who give me my strength!
@vokey9472 (1488)
• United States
15 Jun 07
That is hardly a difficult question. I would choose my child. I know is sounds harsh, but I can always get another husband. My husband has lived a full life and would never want me to choose him over our child. My father would never want me to choose him over my child either. I would expect my husband to choose our child over me if he had to make a choice.