Fat obesity problems and kids

United States
December 17, 2006 10:25pm CST
I am saddened to say but i live in the U.s and we have a serious obesity problem among men, women, kids, teenagers of all ages. It just seems like we can't get enough of Mc'donalds, Burger king, Taco Bell or many other different forms of fast food. Our obesity problem is a huge one! and i am noticing that many people arent doing anything about it. If anything they continue to eat foods that are unhealthy and are not being active in any type of exercise. If you look at many of the people of other nations such as europe, diffrent nations of asia people are thin and many exercise and have diffrent meals which make them more healty than the ones in the western worlds. What do you think about this matter? What should be done to encourage people to eat right?
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