HYIP: Exit Strategy

@moreinfo (3865)
December 18, 2006 3:58am CST
Mainly from EgoldClub community, its not all contributed by myself. ------------------------------------ Choosing when to exit a HYIP can be more important than entering. Some investors often overlook this factor and, as a result, find themselves losing more than they earn. All the due diligence research you do can be made worthless if you do not know when to say stop and withdraw from a HYIP. The main barrier that investors have difficulty overcoming is psychological. They see that they are making money and they want to keep re-investing to earn more. Greed takes over them and when they eventually lose their money, it's too late. In a recent email, I explained a HYIP exit strategy that anyone can use: "Your strategy sounds good but, in my opinion, it seems a bit static. The reason I say this is because it looks like you're investing in HYIPs using information from 6 hyip monitors and then leaving the money to sit there. One thing that your strategy does not mention is when you should exit a program. An exit strategy is just as important as entry. It is a good idea to research your investments before you invest AND while you invest. Two methods of determining exit points are: 1) Looking at Alexa traffic. I use this to judge the growth of a program (the more traffic it's getting, the more chance you have of making money). If traffic levels suddenly dip, then you know there's something wrong. 2) Reading forums and HYIP news sites. Look out for negative news regarding your HYIP, this is probably the best way of determining when to withdraw and run." Keeping up to date with your investments is a good way of being able to determine when to exit. This is a strategy that I use and I would recommend it to all HYIP investors.
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@annihilus (2184)
• Italy
18 Dec 06
ah ah ah... and you read and trust what is in the surf monitors sites? Poor you! I hope MyLot admins will stop these bad and nonsense discussions!
@moreinfo (3865)
• China
19 Dec 06
well, you are acting as a loser actually! you are bumping here for cents, but bashing other discussions here. isnt it like a joker?
@moreinfo (3865)
• China
23 Dec 06
one of the key issues in you wanna play with hyip and earn money online. any more experiences to share?
@jcvelina (1256)
• Philippines
14 Jan 07
the key in turning a profit from HYIPs would be knowing when to go out. i have invested in a quite good HYIPs and i have stayed with them and also went out before they scammed out. if you have that gut instinct of when to go out you would substantially turn a profit. the idea here is not to get greedy but to get your principal back and some profits. i have stayed with HYIPs for as short as two days and for as long as 4 weeks.
@moreinfo (3865)
• China
15 Jan 07
yes, we should not by that greedy in palying such programs. but its also very difficult when to quit a proram.
@mypigbox (2245)
• China
26 Dec 06
Thanks for sharing info of Hyip.Can you give some explanation of Alexa traffic?How can we check it?It is too late when i can read some bad news in the forums about my HYIP is not it?
@moreinfo (3865)
• China
30 Dec 06
alexa traffic could be easily flooded! i ve read that some chinese proveded such cheating service, so not interested in that.