sources of energy

@shilpa28k (1737)
December 18, 2006 6:45am CST
Where can I get information about all types of sources of energy?
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19 Dec 06
on wikipedia.......
@starsun (316)
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18 Dec 06
Energy resources can be described as renewable and non-renewable. Renewable energy sources are those which are continually being replaced such as energy from the sun (solar) and wind. If an energy resource is being used faster than it can be replaced (for example, coal takes millions of years to form) then it will eventually run out. This is called a non-renewable energy source. Renewable energy source - Solar Energy,Wind Energy,Tidal/Wave Energy,Biomass Energy,Hydroelectric Energy,Geothermal Energy. Non Renewable energy source - Coal, Petroleum, Gas, Nuclear Energy.