how to read a mans thought

@3Dlace (339)
United States
December 18, 2006 10:55am CST
A woman can be read mostly by her emotions but with a man it is sometimes very diffacult to read him. His emotions are with held and they smile that wallflower smile. So, how do you read a man and what they must be thinking? With experiance through many many relationships, I've noticed (but some of it may not apply to most men) they use body langauge. They slump their shoulders when they know they did wrong, they jet their eyes around when they lied, and the stomp off when they wanted something done their way. The fact is maybe they are just all brawn after all. Using all those muscles to talk to us women. If you can't quite tell what they may be feeling, try staring them in the eye while you talk to the man. If it is hard for you to do, imagine a triangle shape - point of the triangle at the mouth, trace it with your eyes slowly while talking and staring at him. Surely his nerves will come apart and he will give out body language. (a little something I picked up from my therapist). I'm not having any man troubles anymore. The boyfriend I have now actually is very open and honest with me. I like that. I don't have to guess at what a man thinks, he just tells me. Although there are days I still read body language on my boyfriend, and he doesn't mind it at all.
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@justvenkys (1359)
• India
18 Dec 06
To read men is also easy by the way he behaves in the public. U can tell whether he really loves u or not just by his behaviour.