read this poem i have written,its about the problems that humans caused to earth

December 18, 2006 11:14am CST
HOW CAN WE DO THIS ? How can I bring smile on my face, When I see millions crying till death, Crying for a piece of bread and a drop of water, Crying for shelter and die homeless. How can I enjoy my freedom, When I see people imprisoned in poverty, People killing their future and their desires, Killing their soul and living a stagnant life. How can I admire the gifts of nature, When I see brutal attacks on her creations. Deforesting of Flora and Butchering of Fauna, Hurting of mother herself and making infertile. What had we done to our Earth, We the so called only “thinking animals” Hadn’t we used largest brain of ourselves, To the core destruction in thoughtless selfishness. How can we share the happier today, When we are the killers of coming tomorrow. When will we come to our senses, I plead the humanity to protect, The only home of ours “Earth”
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• Sri Lanka
27 Dec 06
I noticed from your posts that you are a poetry fan. I think the site is meant for people like you. During school days I used to write poetry, but mostly in my native language, Sinhala. Your poetry is superb, poetry is something you have to keep on writing. Otherwise you get out of touch.
• India
28 Dec 06
thanx buddy,u always inspire me